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      The Epieyú Collection

      The Epieyú Collection is for someone looking to own a very exclusive, one of a kind hand made piece of art from Putchipuu that is rich in history. Every piece from this collection is carefully handmade by highly skilled senior artisans, all items in this collection consist of the most exclusive threads, where a longer time has been invested into creating your very unique piece of art. For many years we searched for the best artisans to bring you this exclusive collection we call Epieyú. With the sell of each Epieyú item, a portion of the sale will go towards helping build the first Putchipuu school for the children of the Wayuu. 
      Since 2014 we have been providing water tanks, school supplies and food thanks to each and every one of who have supported us since day one. With this special collection, we plan to create a positive impact where it is needed the most and that is education, food and clothes.