Who are the Wayúu?

The Wayuu People and Their Handmade Products 

There are many indigenous communities in South America and the Wayuu people are the largest and oldest group. The community is surviving based on traditional weaving and crocheting. 

The Wayuu people have a strong cultural root and are careful to maintain the tradition by any means. They live in the Venezuela and northern peninsula of Colombia with basically a ‘six hundred years’ old culture. 

The Wayuu community contains more than 400,000 people and a notable amount of them are very skilled weaver. Most of the Wayuu people live in the desert and most of the time in insecure conditions. 

The Wayuu people struggle to survive however they continue showing their creativity to the world. They are talented and that comes through their handmade cross body bag and all other artisan products.

The Reason behind Weaving and Crocheting 

There is a myth in the Wayuu community that the wise spider Wale’keru performed as a teacher and taught the women of the community how to weave and crochet.

Wale’keru also taught them how to make the weaving more unique and graceful. The Wayuu women learned how to get ideas from their daily activities, dreams, people around them, personal experience and natural beauty. The design should be unique and a real reflection of the Wayuu woman. 

The Wayuu people used their weaving and crocheting for various purposes. They earn from their products and sustain their unshielded daily lives. They sleep in handmade Hammocks, carry their products around in beautiful mochila bags, use stunning hats protect them from the sun. 

How Wayuu People Survive 

The Wayuu people carry an oral tradition, and the oldest as well as significant cultural heritage. The women play a vital role in the community. They are teaching the ancestor’s lessons, rituals, and traditional weaving into the new generations. 

Their goal is to maintain a strong unification among all the members of the community. They realize that only proper teachings can help them to unite.


Our Process to Help the Wayuu People 

Our team searches the Wayuu community to find those expert weavers who make handmade products including Crossbody bag, hats, etc. Our goal is to bring these pieces of art to the world while at the same time sharing profits with the Wayuu people, so that they may continue their traditions and way of life for years to come.

Every fair-trade item we carry, carries the Wayuu tradition; each unique bag tells a story. 

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